Are You Blockchain Ready?

Explore our Blockchain engineering team to build enterprise-class Blockchain applications and start innovating today. We provide Blockchain consultation, develop enterprise applications, invest in startups, build developer tools, and offer Blockchain education.We are your business partner, not just a blockchain development outsourcing firm.We focus on your business objectives and deal primarily with your business goals.


Private Blockchain

Handle crypto exchanges on a private node with customized business models that can handle huge amounts of data and files. Have full authority over all the participants in your network.

Blockchain Technology consulting

Identify, analyze and assess solutions on how Blockchain can add value to your business operations. We also suggest how to execute the Blockchain technology-based transactions.


Kickstart your project with our end-to-end ICO, IEO and STO services. We create tokens, monitor exchange listings, develop wallets and draft white papers.

dApps Development service

Create MVP for your dApp with improved UI and integrated cloud services. Develop smart contracts that fit all your business needs. Also build a decentralized cloud storage.

Blockchain with IoT

Integrate IoT with your Blockchain project to build incorruptible digital contracts and ledgers. Effortlessly provide reliable accountability and security in all your operations.

Blockchain in AI

Leverage the power of AI to create robust identity management systems and provide real-time access to quality data for all Blockchain-based operations.


Our experts will analyse your business infrastructure, to identify flaws and opportunities that custom blockchain technology development can address. We’ll work with you to prototype and test a solution that will ultimately boost your operational efficiency and productivity – making tweaks, where needed.

We’ll optimise your environment for smoother uptake of blockchain technology, establishing clear lines of communication that enable a secure and glitch-free deployment.

Our dedicated UI/UX experts will work with you to create a blockchain solution that works for your end-users. We’ll analyse your business requirements and come up with a design-led solution that adds real value and keeps your customers happy.

We strive for the smoothest possible deployment process by conducting rigorous post-launch QA. Where we spot any issues or potential risks, our team of experts will make adjustments that ensure the long-lasting success of your blockchain solution.


Reduce transaction costs

Blockchain-based technology lets you cut out the middleman. With no third-party involvement, transacting isn’t only significantly cheaper for businesses, it’s also more secure and efficient.

Boost operational efficiency

We’ll help cut your transaction speeds by implementing a blockchain solution to handle your financial transactions. So you can improve business performance and processes, and streamline your financial operations in real time – anywhere.

Improve security of financials

Our Smart Contract development services will help you create more transparent maintenance and regulation processes. With a Smart Contract, you’ll be able to reduce the resources you allocate to a task while ensuring data integrity via private blockchain – even in a semi-trusted environment.

Bolster your asset security

Decentralised applications powered by blockchain technology give you the ability to fully track all product information – price, location, quality and more – over the product’s entire lifecycle. So you can be sure your supply chain remains transparent, reliable, traceable and secure.

Adapt and compete

We’ll help you reinforce your service offering with innovative payment options, faster transactions and increased asset liquidity through tokenization. ELEKS blockchain solutions give you the competitive edge that keeps your customers coming back.

Blockchain’s Industry Use Cases

Reduces Human error and Fraud.Automate accounting via AI and facilitates payment processing.Automates digital invoices and improves accuracy and security of transactions.Enables blockchain-based portfolio management.

Enables access to personal records and data sharing without compromising security and integrity.Provides identity verification, secure contracts and asset exchange with no third parties.

Improves consumer ad targeting.Reduces cost of video traffic by decentralising encoding, storage, and content distribution.Provides comprehensive data on customer spending.

Boosts customer engagement with blockchain-based recognition and loyalty programs.Prevents e-commerce fraud through blockchain-enabled verification.Lowers transaction costs and tightens transaction security.

Improves transactions, shipment tracking and fleet management.Optimises route planning by matching drivers and deliveries with truck availability.Enables the tracking and recording of physical assets along the supply chain